Sweaters and Pies is a colorful blog about cooking, gardening and keeping house from the perspective of a twenty-something. When the blog began, Mrs. Sweaters&Pies was living on the North Shore of Boston. The name came from a dinner conversation on night, when she exclaimed out of frustration “Well who knows what we’ll do, maybe we’ll move to the UK, and I’ll knit sweaters and make pies to sell and that’s how I’ll make my living.” It was meant to be funny, but it also summed up her feelings as a twenty-something.

She is discovering that the twenties are a hard period of life. As adults without much worldly knowledge under their belts, and certainly not much money, they still have tons of enthusiasm and hope. How does one turn that into a successful life that one can feel proud of? Mrs. S&P feels a deep satisfaction from checking off the boxes of life experiences, but sometimes wonders what the point is. So she tries to live each day to the fullest knowing she can move confidently to the next.

In March of 2011, Mr. Sweaters & Pies was asked to relocate to Arizona. Seeing this as their opportunity to “make it” and have an adventure together, the S&Ps took it. They pledge to come from a “place of yes”  from now on. This is their journey.


2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi, I love your kitchen renovation. We are in get middle of one also. What color did you paint ge walls? I love it!

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