Kitchen Reno: After Week Two

Week two started off with lots of promise. After a full week of construction, on Wednesday morning the cabinet installers were at my door. Within a half hour our designer called to tell me that the contractors had installed the new soffit at the wrong height… a full six inches too low. After a scramble of phone calls, the contractor was back on site to apologize and create a plan.

Soffit at the wrong height

Soffit at the correct height 

While this whole process was a lot more stressful and frustrating than I’m about to describe, the good news is that we didn’t lose any time. On Thursday morning, the contractor was back on site to rip out, reframe and wallboard the new (higher) soffit. The dry-wallers were on site later in the afternoon, and after some tense moments of unpreparedness on their part, they finished dry-walling by 6pm.

Fortunately, the cabinet installers could be rescheduled for Friday and Saturday to make up lost time. Friday showed a lot of progress. The countertop installer also came by to take his final measurements for the countertops. Saturday was also great, until I noticed a couple things that were off. One was the tip out tray under the sink which I had specifically asked about several times. The designer had not noted it on her design and the installers were not aware of it. Easy fix, they told me.

Another was a drawer pull that was clearly off centered. When measured, we noticed it was an inch off to the right. Totally unacceptable. But with one email to the designer to complain, the problems were addressed and should be solved tomorrow when the installers come back to finish up the work. Can’t say I’ve been happy with these issues, but they have handled them well and are taking care of everything. The cabinets that are done so far look really great.

We have just about one week left until we’re back in business. The cabinet installers will finish tomorrow, then the countertops come on Friday, and the contractor comes back to finish his work and re-hook up everything on Monday. We definitely can not wait for this to be over. Being without a kitchen has been a lot harder than we originally thought. If I never eat another microwavable dish again, it will be too soon!



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