Coming Soon to a Kitchen Near You

Next Monday is the start of the kitchen renovations. The process will take three weeks, and while I’m not looking forward to the construction, I am looking forward to the final product. Week One will include tearing out the old cabinets and countertops, raising the soffit, moving a couple of outlets and adding in three recessed lights which will hopefully brighten up some of the dark corners.

Week two includes the install of the new cabinets and final measurements of the countertop, and week three will include the countertop, sink, and faucet install, as well as finish up details. We chose a traditional cabinet style (in white) and pulls (center style in brushed nickel):IMG_1757




While the kitchen is essentially being gutted, the footprint will virtually stay the same. The biggest change will be the addition of drawers and an open shelf concept. These drawings from our designer show the final intended product:


Kitchen-2The refrigerator will be wrapped in a cabinet with a more accessible cabinet above it. The microwave will move off the countertop and into a cabinet of its own. And the height of the cabinets will increase by one foot. We’re hoping this change will open up the space and give us more functional cabinets and drawers.

The final piece (that we’re tackling on our own!) is the subway tile backsplash. We’ve done some DIY tiling before in our last house, and this is definitely a larger project, but I know we’ll be able to handle the challenge!

So here are the “before” pictures again. The first from when we closed on the house (7/2011), and the second from its current state a week before the renovation project starts (2/2013):







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