Christmas Decor

I’m only a month late, but I’ll try to catch you up on everything we’ve been up to. First we had a spectacular Christmas. We hosted a wine party for friends early in the month and then Mr. S&P’s mom came for a Christmas visit. Between both events, we wanted the house to look extra nice this holiday and we put a little extra effort into the decorations. With the addition of our new pup, Berti, in early October, our little Arizona house was feeling very full and festive this year.

I added evergreen branches to a pot along with red cyclamen. These were scraps cut off from Christmas trees as they were packaged up to go home. Usually you can ask the guy running the lot if you can take them and they’re free!



Earlier in the year we painted the front door jet black with a high shine lacquer. The wreath looked great hanging on it.
IMG_1636 IMG_1639

I got this idea from a Pottery Barn catalog. I hung wreaths in the middle of the big dining room windows with shiny gold ribbon.



Everyone in our neighborhood replaces their garage lights with red and green bulbs for the holiday. We liked the idea, but we make sure they’re on the right nautical sides  for port and starboard (red, right, return!)





Greeting cards are one of my favorite holiday traditionals. I love seeing everyone’s kids and pets on their cards. It can be tricky to display them, but I came up with this trick: hang a piece of ribbon straight down a section of wall. Staple the cards to the ribbon as they are delivered. You have a great display of all the cards and it’s easy to toss when Christmas is over!



My aunt baked these hermits and sent them in the mail with a note saying she read that hermits travel well. They do! We enjoyed them all week long and it was a nice treat to have baked good from family.



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