Feeling blue… house paint, that is!

We recently acquired an extra bed from some friends who were moving, so we decided to take one of the extra rooms upstairs and turn it into a second (yes, we have multiple) guest room. I’m not planning to go overboard with this room, just make it functional in the off chance we have multiple guests at one time.

Since we’ve painted pretty much every color in this house except a true blue, I figured it would be a good color for this new room. I started with some light and medium blues, but quickly gravitated towards a darker tone. They say that painting a room darker actually makes it look larger. Who would have guessed? These were the candidates:


The colors don’t really show up true in this photo, but we decided on the darkest: Nocturnal Sea. It’s a really rich navy that I think will work well no matter what the room ends up being in the long run.

Resources: Behr Paints: French Country, Americana, Neptune Blue and Nocturnal Sea.

While we were testing out the blues for the guest room, it inspired us to paint the outside of the front door. While I’m sure the HOA wouldn’t approve any of these colors (they only like tan), we’re going with it anyways. If they send us a note, we can always paint over it (with tan).


I used the samples for the bedroom paint on an old piece of moulding and then coated them with a gloss spray lacquer so it has a super high sheen. I’ll get a high gloss paint for the door and then do an extra coat of gloss. The only new color in this bunch is Rain Storm, a greenish peacock blue and the one I’m leaning towards.


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