Community Dinner at Liberty Market

This past Monday, Mr S&P and I finally scored seats to Liberty Market’s monthly Community Dinner. Each month, the chef prepares a pre fix menu wrapped around a theme. Everyone sits at large banquet tables where you can talk and meet your neighbors.

This month’s theme was “Double Market” meaning they took food from the Gilbert Farmer’s Market, which meets nearby, and brought it to Liberty Market to make dinner. Everything was fresh and local from the great vendors at the farmer’s market.

The chef prepared six courses, plus two amuse-bouche surprises: beef tartar with potato crisps and an orange beet smoothy. The courses were served with local Arizona wines.

Mr. S&P and I often visit the farmer’s market for not only veggies, but cheeses, pastas and meats as well. It was great to see how you can take these foods and combine them into really interesting recipes. Chef stopped by the table before each course to discuss what was coming out and share his thoughts on preparation and presentation.

Liberty Market is one of our favorite restaurants in town. In a place that feels very “new” and “big box”, we love supporting local businesses. The whole experience made us feel like we were in a small town instead of the very large town, population wise, of Gilbert.

First up was a delicious cauliflower soup drizzled with Lemon Olive Oil from Queen Creek Olive Mill. It was light and fresh with just a hint of creamy butter.







Then came a salad with duck. It was super moist and delicious.








The sweet potato ravioli was definitely the best. It was dressed in a delectable brown butter sage sauce. My only complaint is that there weren’t more of them on the plate!







I do not like salmon, so I didn’t eat much of this course, but Mr. S&P said it was fantastic.










I did eat the braised veal shank, which was cooked to perfection and dressed in a fabulous wine sauce. All in all, it was a fabulous meal and we’re hoping to make a repeat appearance at the next dinner!




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