Goodbye Tan Carpet; Hello Espresso Wood Floors

As noted in many previous posts, our house was tan-on-tan-on-tan. We’ve been eradicating the tan ever since we moved in. Next up was the floors, which we chose engineered wood for. We got a great deal on Mayflower Mudslide Birch from Lumber Liquidators. Our contractor was able to buy and stain stair treads from Lowes to match exactly. We really kept to a tight budget and I think the results are paying off.

Before and Afters


8 Replies to “Goodbye Tan Carpet; Hello Espresso Wood Floors”

  1. Floors are gorgeous! My husband and I just bought mudslide birch for our bedroom and also need to stain stairs to match. Unfortunately we’re not going through a contractor, you would be my hero if you could give me the name of the stain your contractor used! Thank you!

    1. Hi Jackie, We purchased some stock stair treads from Home Depot. They were an unfinished red oak. We sampled a bunch of stains and stain combos on the tread. 3 coats of Minwax Wood Finish in Ebony seemed to match best. Then we used spray sealer to finish. We found that the brush on sealer took off the stain. First two coats of Satin were too matte, so we finished with three more coats of Semi-gloss and it all seemed to match pretty well. It was a lot of testing, but the results match well. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks so much for responding! So just to be clear only 3 coats of minwax ebony in semi-gloss and then spray sealer. Or did you mean you first do two coats in satin and then 3 coats in semi gloss to make it 5 coats? Again, I’m sorry if I’m being annoying but I just want to make sure I understand 100%! Thank you!

      2. The Minwax Ebony is the stain, so 3 coats of stain.

        The sealer is where we got into the satin vs. semi gloss finishes. The contractor did 2 coats in Satin sealer spray but they looked too matte in comparison with the floor, so I got some Semi-gloss sealer spray and did three more coats. That did the trick. I’m guessing you wouldn’t need all 5 coats if you just went with the semi-gloss from the start. Again, a test piece of wood will help you match both stain and sealer to the flooring before you take on a whole staircase. Lighting and placement in the house might yield a different combo than ours. Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks so much for your info and photos. I have been struggling between Minwax “Jacobean” or “Ebony” and now am sold on Ebony. We want the darkest brown without crossing over into black and your home looks exactly like what we are going for and we have red oak! Is three coats of stain standard or do you think I need to specifically ask for that?

    1. You might have to specify three coats, but it might be a good idea to ask whoever is doing the work to do two and then make a judgement. Or pick a sample section or piece of wood and do three coats as a test. We found it was very much a test and try situation to come up with the combo of stain and sealer that looked the way we wanted it to. Good luck!

  3. I have to say, I have been struggling with picking a dark floor choice and after seeing your pictures I’m sold on the mud slide birch. I was thinking about laminate because of the price and options, but for the same price with them and looking that good, no question now. Thanks for sharing!

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