A little curb appeal

When we moved to the house, it was barely landscaped and mostly hidden by awkward Home Depot palm trees. Curb appeal is an important part of any house, so we knew right away we wanted to make some changes. Unfortunately the heat prevented us from doing any yard work because new plants would have died in the summer. But October is here and the cooler nights allowed us to get this project done.

We took out the sad palm trees and put in some great new plants and shade trees. Along the path, we plants Dwarf Olive Bushes which will grown into hedges to line the front walk. We also added two Cypress trees to add to the Mediterranean look. We filled it out with some red Lantanas around the rock and Purple Tall Grass in the corner planter.

On the other side of the house, we added a Willow Acacia by the gate. Back in Massachusetts, we have Willow trees all over the place, so it was a nice touch of home in the front yard. We also added another Sissoo tree in the front planter along with some Desert Carpet Acacia that will eventually create a low hedge. Five Texas Sages line the lawn and we also threw in a couple more red Lantanas to fill out the space.

It will take a little while for these to grow, but I think the final product will be a very lush and full look that is so different from most Arizona front yards.


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