Small details for a big impact

Over the past two weeks we’ve tied off a few loose ends and brought some projects to a good stopping point for now. Our new GE appliances were one of those projects. While we eventually want to do new cabinets and countertops in the kitchen, we have it in a good place for now. We also picked up the marble topped French Bistro island from Crate and Barrel, which will eventually replace the awkward island that is currently in the kitchen.



Our handyman came last week to do a couple projects around the house including hanging my new hallway and dining room lights.











The dining room is looking a little bland, but we haven’t been able to wrap our minds around what we want it to look like yet. There are a couple other projects we want to do before we tackle the living room/dining room space so it will just have to sit empty for a while. I have been thinking of applying to some HGTV shows and begging for help with it because I’m really out of ideas right now.

Mr. S&P’s mom and grandmother are coming for a visit at the end of the month, so it really got me motivated to tackle the last bathroom. I made some simple changes (paint, towels, shower curtain, etc.) but it does look a lot better already. With the travertine slab we got for the master bath, there will be enough left over to do the countertop in this bathroom as well plus new sinks and faucets.











Next week our contractors are coming to take on the carpet in the master bathroom (finally!). We also have the front yard landscaping to do before Halloween. The weather is getting cooler so I think it might finally be time to plant things! We’re looking forward to giving the house some nice curb appeal.


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