We haven’t been bored yet!

The transformation of our house continues and we made some good progress in the past week. The downstairs bathroom for our guests got a new coat of paint on the walls (Behr Silver Sage) and on the vanity, plus some gorgeous new knobs from Anthropologie.

Then the kitchen got a new coat of paint, Behr Almond Wisp, while it waits for the new appliances that will be delivered next week, and new cabinets and counters which will probably not happen until late next year. We also put up some great silk roman shades in the kitchen and over the sliding glass door. Just these few small changes totally made the space look fresh and modern. The house is filled with cheap plastic blinds that, while useful to keep the hot summer sun out, are totally hideous and make the house feel dated. The more I take them down, the better the house looks!

We also got around to building a wooden frame so we can have a raised bed for veggies and fruits this Fall. Unlike Massachusetts, where the summer growing season has passed, Arizona’s just getting started. You can grow different veggies, fruits and flowers year round depending on the variety. My first attempt at Fall gardening will include: tomatoes, carrots, squash, pumpkins, leeks and lettuce.

We finally found a contractor for the Master Bathroom remodel and we’re looking to get that started soon. Last weekend, Mr. S&P and I headed over to a tile shop in Gilbert and picked out a gorgeous cream limestone for the floor. Then, because I have been having such difficulty finding an inexpensive and attractive vanity and moving the lighting above the mirrors was going to be a big issue, we decided to keep the vanity base and get a new countertop, sinks and faucets. The tile shop was able to match the limestone very well with a lovely cream travertine slab for the counters. This is a project we’re really looking forward to completing because the carpet in the bathroom is unbearable.

So, to say the least, we have been very busy and haven’t had a moment to be bored. A lot of the small projects that we can do on our own are almost complete. All that will be left are things we will have to plan out and hire contractors for. I already feel we’ve made good progress with the work we’ve been able to do on our own.

Next up in October will be the front yard landscape. We got approval for my landscape changes from the association design committee and I’m excited to give this house some more trees and better curb appeal!


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