Bedrooms and Baxter Grooming

This whirlwind week brought us a meeting with Baxter’s new vet on Monday, a new contractor meeting for the Bathroom project on Tuesday, a new bedroom set and CPA for taxes on Thursday and a grooming appointment for Baxter today. Whew. Thanks goodness it’s Labor Day weekend!

The vet went well until they discovered, as I suspected, he had an ear infection. The last four days I have spent chasing him around the house so I can pin him down and put drops in his ears. He is not a fan of them at all. He is getting better now and inching his ears less, which is good for us because he has been keeping us up at night with the thumping of his leg as he reaches and itches.

The handiman our realtor recommended came on Tuesday. He does a little bit of everything, so he’s a good guy to know. Bruce the Handiman will be getting us a bid for the bathroom after Labor Day and is coming on Sept. 22nd to put us our new front entry light, plus the yet to be purchased dining room light and downstairs bathroom light.

Yesterday our bedroom set came and the room looks so much better with the furniture in it. The warm dark wood balances out the cool toned walls for sure.

I am still waiting for my duvet and shams from Restoration Hardware, which are on back order until early November. They were on sale last week when I bought them and now they’re not, so I lucked out. I picked up a few lamps from Home Goods that fit the look I was going for so well, it’s almost unimaginable. I have been having a lot of luck lately, and I hope to keep that going with all the other projects I have to do.


Today Baxter is at the groomers/boarding place. We wanted to give them a try in advance of our trip to Italy for Thanksgiving. Someone is going to have to watch him and we have never left him alone with anyone other than our parents. There were lots of big dogs, so Baxter went in the small dog area. As I talked with the groomer about his haircut, he gripped his little legs around my arm as if to say “Don’t leave me here. I’m hanging on for dear life.”

He does not like Doggie Day Care at all. We used to go to a wonderful place in Wenham, MA. Very clean and safe with wonderful staff. They kept telling me he was a “people” dog, which I think meant he liked hanging out with the staff more than the other dogs. He is a little smarter than the average dog, so I could see how he would only want to socialize with humans! We’ll have to see how traumatized he is when I pick him up.

All in all, it was a very productive week. We still have lots to do, but we’re looking forward to the long weekend and taking a break from it all while we lounge by the pool.


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