Painting… so much painting…

Mr.S&P is off on business this week, so I decided to continue with the painting in preparation for some master bath renovations and the arrival of some guests in September and October. I had a goal of painting the master bedroom, master bathroom (the walls that won’t be torn apart soon) and the upstairs hallway. In an effort to eradicate the massive quantities of tan in this house, we picked some neutral grays both light and dark.

This past weekend, we picked out the master bedroom set, sort of on a whim. We knew what we wanted and had been looking around when we were in Massachusetts, but we wanted to browse around some Arizona stores, too. Our first stop was an Ashley Furniture in Mesa. We walked in and found exactly what we wanted for less than we wanted to pay! Good karma was with us. We shopped a couple other stores in the area to “make sure” but eventually went back to pick up the set that we had seen at the start. With the furniture coming Sept 1st, it was time to paint.

I had coordinated some great colors for the master med and bath and was really excited to get them up on the walls:

Cobblestone (Martha Stewart)
Smoky plum (Behr)
Pencil Point (Behr)

I always paint with Benjamin Moore, but decided for these larger jobs, I could no longer afford $50 gallons of paint. Plus I liked these colors more than any others. The first up was Cobblestone, which covers most of the master bedroom and bath. Smoky Plum covers an accent wall in the bedroom and will cover an accent wall in the bath. The Cobblestone looked lovely on the paint chip, in the can and in the paint tray. On the wall…. it looks blue. Not the warm grey I was hoping for. Perplexed and hoping it would change with the different light throughout the day, I carried on. Two coats and two full days of painting, it still looks blue. So I’m leaving it because it would be too much work to repaint it.

The Smoky Plum looks great and was very similar to the chip. I think the effect would have been better if the Cobblestone came out the way I had come out the way I wanted it to.

What I thought it would look like:

What it does look like (hard to tell from the photo, but you can see it doesn’t really look the same)

Next up was the Pencil Point in the Hallway. The idea was to have a dramatic dark wall at the top of the stairs that carried over onto the wall that touches the landing of the stairway. We want to add framed photos to the wall to make it into a gallery. As I painted the largest wall of the hallway, I loved the color. As I got to the end of the wall and began to turn the corner, I started to panic. Would this look too dark? Would it not work out how I had envisioned, just like the Cobblestone didn’t? I ended up painting the entire hallway, but I think that this will be it for dark colors.

We had picked another gorgeous lighter grey for the rest of the house, but I am also rethinking that now. I think all the other walls are just going to have to be white! And then we can bring in color with the furniture and accessories. It’s been a bit of a traumatic week trying to find the right colors and this process is making me rethink what colors I will paint the other rooms, like the downstairs bathroom.

Some more “after” photos are coming soon so you can get the whole picture.


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