Top 10 meals I’ll miss

Having that delicious burrito the other night, I got thinking about all the great restaurants we have around the North Shore and how I’ll miss certain dishes at my favorite restaurants. There are some great restaurants in Phoenix as well and I’m looking forward to checking them all out and creating a new list of favorite dishes at favorite restaurants in the Valley. Here is my Massachusetts list, though. I hope it inspires you to get out and eat this week!

#10 – Bagels at Atomic. I’m not sure if it’s the bagel itself or the way Atomic toasts it in a Panini press, but when the cream cheese melts over the edge…boy are those tasty.

#9 – Heavy Chocolate Moose or Strawberry Cheesecake from Cassis. This wonderful bakery makes personal sized desserts. If I’m ever in need of a sugar rush at 3pm, I head over and grab a quick snack. So scrumcious.

#8 – Panera Bread’s Creamy Tomato Soup. Panera, while a pretty large chain, has not reached the Western US yet. Arizona has Paradise Cafe’ though and it’s very similar. I will probably be enjoying their soups and salads very soon.

#7 – Apple & Goat Cheese salad, topped with grilled chicken at the Tavern in the Square. I never liked salad until this salad came into my life. Walnuts, goat cheese, and champagne vinaigrette make this salad so much more than lettuce.

#6 – Grilled Chicken Panini sandwich at Soma. From the menu : “grilled breast of chicken, mozzarella cheese, red onion, baby artichokes, baby arugula roasted, red pepper aioli.” Melt that all together on a foccia and serve it with handcut fries tossed with sea salt… that is a good Friday lunch.

#5 – Almost anything at the Black Cow. Their menu changes often, but they usually have a killer tenderloin or other type of steak. In the winter you can eat your steak and drink your glass of red wine by the fireplace and watch the snow fall. Classic New England in downtown Hamilton (and Newburyport).

#4 – Champagne Mojitos at Soma. Another favorite from Soma, so much so, it deserves it’s own place on this list. Classic mojito, except instead of soda water they use Champagne. Enough said.

#3 – Little Italy pizza. Sweet sauce. Oh, wonderful, delicious, sweet sauce. This is my favorite pizza in the world and has been since I was in elementary school. Mr.S&P and I eat it once a week, at least. When LOST was still on TV, we’d get it on Wednesday (and then Tuesday) nights every week. The pizza guys know our names. I will miss you Little Italy.

#2 – Tagliatelle alla Bolognese at 62 on Wharf. The first time I had real bolognese was in Rome. This tastes the exact same. Maybe better. It’s so delicious, words can’t describe the feeling your mouth has when you’re eating it. I start getting a food high at the first bite.

#1 – Boloco Buffalo Chicken Burittos. This is my favorite restaurant food by far. I have a weird nostalgic love for them, as I used to eat them twice a week in college. Any time I’m in Boston, I plan my trip around this burrito. Is that weird? I’m pretty sure that when we travel home to visit, I will force Mr.S&P to take a side trip into the city to get me one of these. I’m not sure why they don’t have one at Logan. Boloco- get on that!


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