Countdown… 11 days until departure

The days are counting down until we take to the highways on our trek west.

Mr. S&P was home for the 4th of July holiday this weekend and we celebrated in true New England style. Saturday was spent on my Aunt & Uncle’s boat, cruising Manchester, Marblehead and Salem Harbors. Sunday was a bit rainy so we laid low and replaced the curtain rod in the living room (this was a big point of contention with the sale. Leave the rod or take the rod? Will the buyer know when I replace my nice Restoration Hardware rod with a cheap one from Bed Bath & Beyond?) We stopped into Resto after buying the cheap BB&B curtain rod, for a quick glance at their bedding and draperies, which I would die to have in our new master bedroom. I’ve got all the color schemes picked out for the major rooms and their “fog” color is perfect for the master.

Monday, the 4th, we took a stroll with the dogs through downtown Marblehead and hit up the Festival of Arts. We have long admired the sea life prints sold at Arnould Gallery on Washington St. and really wanted to get a golden cod to put above our front door. We stopped into the shop and picked out our cod and a red lobster print that will go really well with our kitchen/family room color scheme. I love the prints so much and wish I could afford several of them. Maybe we’ll start collecting them a little at a time over the years. With these two new pieces of art, our new house will surly exude New England character, despite its stucco walls.

We have a lot to do in the short week we have left. I’m running lots of errands and trying to catch up with people before we take off. Mr. S&P will be back this weekend to help me finish up some projects and hopefully start to coordinate the packing. Next week will really be chaos, but I’m looking forward to moving beyond this never-ending project and being settled again.


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