It’s official… and it’s my birthday!

I’m doing a little celebrating today, not only because it’s my 28th birthday, but also I’m making the official announcement of our departure. In the past week we’ve ridden the emotional rollercoaster from first (and crappy) offer, to a sweet bidding war that ended up with us receiving  a very acceptable offer. Right when we had lost hope of a good offer and had accepted what was actually in front if us, a last-minute bid won the day and left us on a high note.

While there is still a little back and forth paperwork to be done, the buyer is having an inspection tomorrow morning. She wants to close as soon as possible, and we want to leave as soon as possible because of our closing date in Arizona. The moving van is booked for July 13th and we’re leaving on Sunday the 17th after the wedding of two good friends. Our cross-country trek will take us about 4 days and we’ll make it to Arizona just in time for the closing date on our house, with our stuff arriving shortly after. There is a lot to do in the next two weeks, but we’re ready to roll. Mr. S&P will also be able to travel home the next three weekends because of business, so I’ll have my partner in crime back to help out!

It’s such a relief knowing that this whole waiting game is coming to an end and that we have a buyer who is ready to take over our condo. I’ve started assembling my design binder to collect all my thoughts on how to combat so much Arizona beige. We’re bringing a little New England to the Southwest, starting with a golden cod above our front door!


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