Rainy Monday of the last week

The weather is leaving a lot to be desired this week. The forecast is calling for rain through Saturday. This is officially Mr. S&P’s last week living in Massachusetts. He’s planning a couple of return visits before I officially move out to AZ (whenever that will be) but this is it for him. It will rain the entire time. How appropriate.

We’ve also been trying to do things that are unique to the Boston area, so we can get is as much “New England” as we can before we leave. Last weekend we went to the Chihuly exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, which was amazing. Chihuly also has installation at the Bellagio in Last Vegas, so they’ll be an opportunity to see some of his work again.

We also took a trip up to Essex yesterday to check out some of the antique shops. We were hoping to find a cool piece or two to take with us to Arizona so we could bring some New England style to the Southwest. There was a lot to see and take in. Some shops featured floor to ceiling furniture, knick nacks, glassware and books, with a foot wide space to navigate through the clutter. Mr.S&P and I joked that even if we wanted to buy something, there would be no way to get it out of the shop!

At the end of our adventure, we came across a Map and Print shop called the Scrapbook. The proprietor had some amazing pieces from as early as the 1550s and for very reasonable prices. There were a couple of sailboat line drawings and a couple America’s Cup prints from the late 1800s that caught our eye. They would a great addition to our new Arizona house (once we find one). We’ll definitely be back once we’re more certain on the move date and the space we’ll have available. Arnould Gallery in Marblehead has some amazing prints of sea animals that I’d also love to take with us; whatever we can do to make our new house have a little bit of style in a unique Massachusetts way!

We also ran a 5 mile road race in Gloucester on Friday. It’s an amazing course that takes you right along the water. As we ran past the ocean, the wind kicked up heavy surf, splashing us with sea water and mist. It reminded me that we have to take the time to watch the waves and smell the salt air. Soon there will be new beautiful landscapes to take in, but the ocean will always be my favorite. Hopefully the move to Phoenix is just the beginning of our adventures and someday we’ll be able to move somewhere close to the ocean again…. or at least have money to take trips to San Diego!

We’re trying to stay positive as far as selling the condo goes. There hasn’t been too much action since last Wednesday. With Mr. S&P taking off this coming Sunday, it’s beginning to hit us that this move is really happening now. There are still so many things that have to come together at just the right time. Selling the condo will be the catalyst for the rest of the move.


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