“It’s no longer your house”

That’s what we have to keep telling ourselves about the condo. They say when you’re selling a property you can’t think of it as your house, you have to think of it as an item you’re selling (duh). Friends and family always joked that our house was neat & clean – but now it’s REALLY clean. I feel like we’re living in a museum but I know it has to be done. On top of our regular morning routine, we now have to make sure every inch is impeccable. Last night I made potato and leek soup, but had to be very careful not to leave any smelly ingredients like shallots and leeks behind. Wouldn’t want to make the house smell like onions!

It’s all for a good reason though. We have a showing today and open houses tomorrow and the day after. Our open house this past Sunday went well, despite a small lock situation. (Our realtor couldn’t get the door unlocked!) Our poor dog, Baxter, is beside himself. Most of his stuff now lives in the car, with only his food and water bowls making it inside each night. He’s terribly confused. But he also gets to spend more time at Doggie Day Care and at my sister’s house with her dog, Tucker.

Mr. S&P also booked our house hunting trip in Arizona for Memorial Day Weekend. We realized yesterday that he will only be in Massachusetts this week and next before he heads to Mexico for a week and then to Phoenix full-time. We are planning to have his car shipped in the next couple weeks so he will have it in Phoenix when he starts. He’ll be in temporary housing until our house sells and we can buy one out west. It’s sort of scary that in a matter of weeks he’ll be out there full time. We’re hoping it won’t be too long after that I join him.

There are so many details that really have to come together at the exact right time. The last time I felt this way was when we were planning our wedding. It’s an odd uneasiness and calm at the same time. Sure, some days I feel frantic and afraid of the unknowns, but other days I feel perfectly calm, like “whatever will be will be.” We’re definitely not shooting for perfection here as I’m sure a lot of things are not going to work out just as we need them too. Weddings have to be perfect, but moving doesn’t. There is less pressure, but not fewer moving parts. All we can do is focus on one day at a time… and today we have a showing. Here’s hoping this person buys it so we can go back to “living” in our condo, if only for another couple of weeks.


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