Too much red tape

As if the process needs to be more complicated, it seems to be growing more difficult to get things done. I was hoping the condo would be listed by now, but here we are.

On Friday night we met with the realtor from our relocation company. She gave us a spot-on estimate of what we had hoped to get for the condo, took some pictures and was off in a flash. We really want to use a family friend to list it though, and it sounds like we have that option. On Sunday we met with him and he reported a similar assessment on price. All is well and good. He even brought a client over in the afternoon to get a sneak preview.

We called our relocation counselor Monday morning and the agent we’d like to use has to submit their company’s market analysis form, which has to go through his companies relocation department then back to our relocation company… aggh. It’s making my head spin. To make things more complicated we’re heading out of the country to visit my brother-in-law in the next couple days. For noe we’re just waiting around to list the condo. Very aggravating.

Then to add to the stress, all of the houses I had my eye on in Arizona have gone under contract in the last week, leaving us with slim pickings. I am hopeful some more new properties will come on the market soon.

Everything else is falling into place and I’m really looking forward to this vacation for obvious reasons, if only we can get our condo on the market!


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