Relocation Complication

I knew relocating would be complicated, but there are so many aspects that have just started popping up. Telling co-workers, making announcements, deciding on start dates, house hunting, temporary housing, car shipping… the list goes on and on.

Mr.S&P has been in touch with our “relocation counselor” (sounds like he’ll be part logistical help, part mental help!) and we’ve got the process started. Thankfully the package the company is giving us is pretty thorough. Part of it will be a lump sum payment of calculated costs we will probably incur, part will be reimbursements on costs. The best part of the lump sum is that if we don’t need it all, it’s ours to keep (or spend on any other costs… like maybe a new bedroom set?) I have already mapped out a plan to be as frugal as possible to make the money go as far as possible. The logistics about a start date are more complicated. Mr.S&P’s company is flexible, but he needs to really be on-site soon. We’re trying to minimize the amount of time we’re living apart.

Tonight, though, we’re taking in a Red Sox game! It may be one of the last times we get to go to a game at Fenway for a while. Just four years ago we lived literally around the corner from the park and could hear the games out our window in the summertime. We figured we’d get Boloco at NU for old times sake and walk over to the game. We have to get as much “Boston” in as we can while we’re still here. I guess we’ll have to start going to the Diamondbacks games, where the tickets start – more reasonably- at $8.


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