Waiting on the world to change

Due to the lovely airline schedules, we can’t visit our next potential hometown until the first weekend in April. Over the past week, we’ve told various family members and friends that this relocation is possible. Everyone has been super encouraging and excited, so that has been a huge blessing. The realization has also set in that we will be far better off if we move. Not only professionally for Mr.S&P, but also for us personally and financially. The houses in Arizona are unlike anything here that we could afford. Instead of our current one bedroom/one bath condo, we could actually buy a 5 bedroom house. What would be do with all those rooms? I have no idea, but knowing that it’s a possibility is so freeing.

For the past couple years we have struggled with the idea of “making it”. What would long term success look like for us and our (potential) future family. We’re planners and have had it all planned out down to the day and penny. We’ve kept lists on our bulletin board, budgets on our computers; always trying to figure out how to move forward in the best and fastest way.

This past year, I changed jobs, and changed jobs back. All the while I struggled with my feeling of failure, but mostly the idea that I felt we could never get ahead and live where we wanted to, afford the kind of house we wanted, have the type of family dynamic that I dreamed of. It was all out of reach and despite my best efforts to get there I felt like it just wasn’t going to happen. I could clearly see it, but there was no path for me to follow.

This is the ultimate message of the “Secret”. You don’t need to know the path, just know that it will happen. The utter blind faith that if you ask for it, it’s yours.

We had always said we’d love to move somewhere if Mr.S&P’s company moved him. We wanted to move and buy a house this summer anyway. We wanted more options and a way to get ahead. I wanted the opportunity to try something new or maybe not try anything at all for a while, but having the freedom to make that choice. We knew it all, we saw what we wanted, we wrote it all down on lists that we’ve systematically checked off year after year.

We didn’t know how any of it would happen. But we believed it would… and it has.


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